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Cloudplast Ltd. is a 100% China company, our business start from Oct, 2009.

科洛德胶带使用新型的环保再生材料的 PET 织物布基/绒布作为胶带的基材,采用无溶剂合成橡胶/光固化丙烯酸胶进行涂布加工,这样不仅能够带来产品的卓越性能表现。而且,在环境方面,可以为减少石油能源的使用量,减少空气污染,控制温室效应做出一定的贡献。

Cloudplast’s PET-cloth & PET-fleece non-woven carrier using the recycled PET to do the textile process, coating with environment friendly solvent free sy-rubber and UV curing acrylic adhesive. It could reduce the usage of petrochemical products, reduce the pollution of the air and also get an excellent tape performance.

Our head-office located in Shanghai, China. (Tel: +86-21-31033999)

From the very beginning, Cloudplast was a wire-harnessing tape dealer (we selling some Germany tape), and we start Cloudplast own products tape manufacture from Oct. 2016.

The wire harnessing in auto-motive, cloudplast wire harness tape
The wire harnessing in auto-motive, cloudplast wire harness tape


Cloudplast low VOC tape help you meet the China GB or called China standard and help you meet increasingly stringent global requirements

To get a good low VOC tape, Cloudplast run a new green tape SOP – called green tape guild.

China authority department revised the national standards (China GB) about the threshold of acceptable emission values in automotive parts.

This updated impacts the biggest automobile China market, and this updates also impact the whole global automobile industry.

Any inquiry or suggestions, you may reach us via:

E-mail: support@cloudplast.com

Shanghai Office, Tel: +86-21-31033999 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Jiangsu Plant, Tel: +86-512-57374612 (9:00 am to 5:30 pm)

Mob / Wechat: +86-13601661161 (Mr. Dans Zhang)


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